sustainable microgreens: healthy, fresh and full of flavour

Discover our delicious sustainable microgreens at Dutch Microgreens. We are dedicated to growing healthy and eco-friendly microgreens of the highest quality. Read on to discover how we do this and how our microgreens can give a sustainable boost to your dishes.

Boost your

Add tasty and healthy microgreens to all your favourite dishes and give them a healthy boost.


Discover our sustainably grown microgreens and enjoy a tasty addition to your meals, while contributing to a better environment.

Fresh and healthy

Make the healthy choice with our fresh and nutritious microgreens that give your dishes a delicious taste and are packed with nutrients.

Enrich your dishes with microgreens

Microgreens are not only healthy, sustainable and full of flavour, but also versatile. Below are some examples of dishes in which microgreens are a great addition.

Salad with microgreens

A fresh salad is perfect for a summer day. Add some microgreens for extra texture and flavour. For example, try a salad with cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and basil microgreens.

Main course with microgreens

Microgreens can also be perfectly used in a savoury main dish. For example, add a handful of broccoli microgreens to a vegetable stew for an extra healthy and flavourful touch.

Dessert with microgreens

Did you know that microgreens are also delicious in desserts? For example, add some sweet strawberry microgreens to your favourite summer dessert for a surprising twist.

The history of microgreens in the kitchen

Microgreens are very popular in cooking today, but did you know that they have been used for hundreds of years in different cultures around the world? The ancient Persians already used sprouts as food, while the Chinese grew bean sprouts as early as 3,000 years ago. In the 17th century, Dutch settlers introduced sprout vegetables to North America, and today microgreens have become an integral part of modern cuisine. Due to their compact size and wide variety of flavours and textures, microgreens are a favourite ingredient of many chefs and home cooks. In this block, we delve deeper into the history of microgreens and discover how these little powerhouses have evolved into a favourite ingredient in modern cuisine.

Microgreens at every opportunity

Discover how microgreens can be the perfect finishing touch for your occasion, from an intimate private party to a large corporate event.

A tasteful twist for your private party with microgreens

Add flavour and colour to your snacks and drinks with our fresh microgreens. Your guests will be amazed by the delicious and decorative touch these little powerhouses add to your party.

Add style and flavour to your wedding with microgreens

Complete your table setting with our beautiful and tasty microgreens. From appetisers to dessert, add colour and texture to any dish and create an unforgettable taste experience for your guests.

Impress your guests with a healthy touch with microgreens

Add a healthy and surprising twist to your corporate event with our fresh microgreens. Whether for lunch or a snack in between, our microgreens will be the perfect complement to any dish and add a healthy and colourful touch to your event.

Surprise your guests with creative and tasty dishes with microgreens

Celebrate your birthday in style with our fresh and creative microgreens. Add a flavourful and decorative touch to your favourite dishes and create unique and tasty appetisers and drinks that will surprise and amaze your guests.

Discover our sustainable organic microgreens

Meet our delicious and sustainable organic microgreens! We offer an extensive range, from our Dutch microgreens mix to the spicy Dutch microgreens spicy mix. We also have the unique Chinese Rose Radish, and the classics alfalfa and cress. All our microgreens are grown with care and attention, so that you can enjoy their full flavour and nutritional value. Order now and discover the versatility of our microgreens!

Sustainable organic Sunflower, 3 kinds of radish and broccoli - 100g

Sustainable organic Mustard and 3 types of radish - 100g

Sustainable organic Chinese Rose Radish - 50g

Sustainable organic Alfalfa - 50g

Sustainable organic Garden Cress - 50g

What our customers say

Find out what our customers have to say about our sustainable microgreens and how they take their dishes to the next level.

I have been using Dutch Microgreens for a while now and I am completely sold! It's incredible what a flavour these little plants can add to your dishes.



The spicy mix is my favourite! I use it in all my salads and it adds just the right amount of spiciness. Delicious!



I recently tried the Chinese Rose Radish and was pleasantly surprised. Not only does it add a delicious flavour to my dishes, but it also looks beautiful on the plate.



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