Duo Delight Spicy - Microgreens Box for Two Persons

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Receive a weekly box full of fresh, sustainable microgreens for a powerful taste boost in your dishes.


Discover the world of microgreens together with our Duo Delight Spicy - Microgreens Box for Two People. This box contains a whopping 400 grams of flavoursome spicy microgreens, ideal for 14-20 delectable meals a week. Add a touch of freshness and nutrients to your meals and enjoy the many culinary possibilities. Sign up today and have a delicious microgreens experience together!

With the Duo Delight box, you can experiment endlessly and enjoy the diverse culinary possibilities of microgreens. Add a handful of these flavoursome microgreens to your breakfast omelette for a refreshing twist and a healthy dose of nutrients. Create colourful and crunchy salads with fresh vegetables, with the microgreens serving as a tasty topping. Or enrich your wraps and sandwiches with these delicious microgreens for an extra dimension of flavour and health.

With no less than 400 grams of flavoursome microgreens in the box, you will have enough to prepare 14-20 delectable dishes. The versatile flavour of microgreens makes them suitable for both savoury and sweet dishes. Try adding them to your favourite soups, pasta dishes, stir-fries or even smoothies and desserts to add a surprising twist of flavour.

Subscribe today to our Duo Delight - Microgreens Box for Two People and discover the fresh harvest of 400 grams of flavoursome microgreens. Unleash your culinary creativity and enjoy new flavours and possibilities together with microgreens. Add a healthy and tasty dimension to your meals and experience the benefits of fresh and sustainable microgreens, delivered straight to your doorstep!

We hope you will be excited to try the Duo Delight - Microgreens Box for Two People and enjoy the unique flavour and nutritional value that 400 grams of microgreens can add to your dishes.

Additional information

Weight 0,4 kg
High-quality microgreens

Our box contains carefully selected and high-quality microgreens grown with love.

Mild flavour

Enjoy the mild and delicate flavour of these microgreens, perfect for adding to a variety of dishes.

Nutritious and healthy

Microgreens are packed with nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, making them a healthy addition to your diet.

Freshly harvested

We deliver fresh microgreens straight from our nursery to your door, so you can always enjoy optimum freshness.

Easy to use

Easily add a handful of microgreens to salads, sandwiches, soups, smoothies and more to enrich your dishes.

Sustainably grown

Our microgreens are grown in a sustainable and responsible manner, with attention to the environment and biodiversity.